Bank Fraud Defense South Carolina

Bank Fraud Defense

Bank fraud is a severe offense that can have far-reaching implications for individuals accused of such activities. At Kent Law Firm, led by experienced attorney Shaun Kent, we are committed and experienced in providing robust defense strategies for those facing bank fraud charges. Having dedicated over ten years to the legal field in South Carolina, Shaun Kent boasts a background as both a prosecutor and a skilled criminal defense attorney. Let his meticulous understanding of South Carolina's legal landscape and history of favorable outcomes be your assurance and protection in this trying time. If you require a reliable defense against bank fraud charges in South Carolina, give us a call at 803-433-5368 or send us a message. We are dedicated to safeguarding your rights and guiding you through your bank fraud case.

What is Bank Fraud?

Bank fraud involves intentionally engaging in deceptive or fraudulent activities to obtain money, assets, or other valuables from a financial institution. This offense covers a range of fraudulent actions targeting banks, including false statements, misrepresentations, and deceitful schemes aimed at compromising the integrity of banking systems.

How Charges of Bank Fraud Can Affect You

Facing bank fraud charges can lead to severe consequences beyond legal penalties. Bank fraud is considered a white-collar crime, which means many people who are charged or accused of fraud are notable figures or hold important positions in society. Being accused of fraud can damage their reputation, impact their professional standing, and result in significant financial loss. These implications can be long-lasting, affecting your personal life and future prospects.

Our firm is dedicated to providing a strong defense for those charged. We have an aggressive team and years of trial and courtroom experience. Shaun Kent is a member of both the American Board of Criminal Lawyers and the American Board of Trial Advocates. He has handled hundreds of cases and worked as a prosecutor before founding Kent Law Firm. 

Bank fraud encompasses various forms of deception against financial institutions, including:

  • Loan Fraud: Misrepresenting information to secure a loan or mortgage under false pretenses.
  • Check Fraud: Issuing fraudulent checks to unlawfully obtain funds.
  • Accounting Fraud: Manipulating financial records or information to deceive and gain an unfair advantage.

COVID-19 Fraud Charges: PPP Fraud

The global pandemic has led to an increase in fraud cases, particularly involving programs like the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). The Paycheck Protection Program gives small businesses the support they require to keep paying their employees, rehire those who might have lost their jobs, and manage their necessary expenses. Since its inception, many have already been charged with fraud schemes related to PPP. These are weighty charges and have garnered significant attention. When faced with these charges, it is crucial to have a strong and dependable fraud defense that minimizes the widespread effects these can have on your life, and allow you to move forward with dignity.

Penalties for Bank Fraud in South Carolina

Convictions for bank fraud in South Carolina can result in substantial penalties. The severity of consequences depends on factors such as the extent of the fraud and the financial losses incurred. 

Being found guilty of bank or mortgage fraud in South Carolina could lead to fines of up to $10,000 and a maximum of 10 years in prison. However, according to federal law, convictions might come with penalties of up to $1 million and up to 30 years in prison. Attempting or conspiring to commit bank fraud holds the same consequences as the actual offense.

Why You Need a Fraud Defense Lawyer in South Carolina

Bank fraud cases are often complex and can drag on for years. Seeking skilled legal representation is crucial. Attorney Shaun Kent possesses the expertise to navigate the intricacies of bank fraud cases and can create a robust defense strategy tailored to your situation.

If you are grappling with bank fraud charges, taking prompt action is vital. Contact Kent Law Firm today at 803-433-5368 or fill out our contact form for a confidential consultation.