Goose Creek & Berkeley County South Carolina

The Kent Law Firm can help represent you in matters of Criminal Defense as well as Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation cases. We have your back no matter your situation. Your legal team needs to support and defend you and that’s our pledge to our clients. Your case’s outcome hinges on the proper legal counsel.

We have worked with countless individuals in South Carolina. If you are located anywhere in Berkeley County contact us today to set up a consultation.

Shaun Kent and his team have a proven track record. In the toughest situation, he has helped his clients overcome. Find out more by clicking below.

We are confident we can fight and defend your rights. We have a detailed understanding of South Carolina Law and legal procedures and we know how to use that knowledge to seek a good outcome.

Personal Injury

We seek the maximum compensation a victim can receive for his or her serious injuries.

Criminal Defense

Shaun Kent understands what it takes to put together a successful prosecution–and how to defend against them.

Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation laws are designed to compensate you for any injuries you receive on the job.