8 Clues Police Look for During DUI Stop

Driving under the influence carries some serious punishments in South Carolina. It’s important you know what to do if you face DUI charges if you want to give yourself your best chance at beating the charges.

Being charged with a DUI in South Carolina can carry some serious punishments and consequences. If you’re pulled over for a DUI it’s important to know and understand not only your own rights but also what police officers will look for. Being pulled over in suspicion of a DUI means officers could ask you to perform a series of tests known as field sobriety tests as well as possibly perform a series of chemical tests. 

One of those field sobriety tests is known as the walk & turn. Essentially, this test will see you put your feet one after the other and attempt to walk 9 steps heel to toe. Law Enforcement agents will look for 8 clues and signs to determine sobriety or impairment and if you fail just 2 of those signs you could be considered able to drive. In this article we have written a breakdown of this field sobriety test. If you want to find out more about breathalyzers click here. If you are facing a DUI charge and need top-notch legal representation click here to find out more.

Walk & Turn DUI Test

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) has created three tests to determine sobriety in the field. That’s to say if you are pulled over and asked by law enforcement to prove your sobriety. One of these tests is the walk and turn and officers look for 8 visual and physical clues to check for sobriety. The test goes as follows. You plant your feet heel to toe and walk 9 steps forward, you then pivot 180 degrees with your front foot and take 9 more steps. So, what does a police officer look for to determine if you are under the influence? How can you fail this test?

Clue #1

  • Stepping off the line either before or after the test has started

Clue #2

  • Beginning the test before being told directly to do so

Clue #3

  • If you pause or stop while taking the steps

Clue #4

  • Falling off the line

Clue #5

  • If your back foot and front foot have too much space between them in the steps

Clue #6

  • If you use your hands/arms to balance and they are raised more than 6 inches from your waist

Clue #7

  • If you do not pivot correctly

Clue #8

  • If you take too little or too many steps

What happens if you fail this test or any of the 3 tests utilized? Simply put; you could be arrested for suspicion of DUI. One of the reasons this test might not be as accurate as the NHTSA or a police officer might want it to be is because even a sober person can fail this test. If you have balance or health issues you might not pass this test. If you don’t memorize the list of instructions you can fail this test. There are a slew of reasons why someone can fail this test so Shaun Kent always advises to avoid it if possible. 

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