Shaun Kent Defends Sumter County Sheriff

Earlier this year Shaun Kent was tapped to defend Sumter County Sheriff Anthony Dennis from allegations of sexual assault. In January of 2022, an article by The Post and Courier newspaper alleged that the Sheriff of Sumter County raped a fellow officer in 1997 and then groped her in 2004. These allegations caused a stir in the community. An independent attorney was hired to investigate the claims. Along with this investigation, SLED, which is the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, launched a probe to investigate the claims. 

SLED is led by the Governor’s Office and the Attorney General’s Office, after their probe ended they submitted their report to the State AG’s office. On June 1st, Shaun Kent convened a press conference to announce the report of not only SLED’s probe, but also the AG’s decision, and an independent investigation. All investigations pointed to the same conclusion. 

“All of the agencies I must stress came to the same conclusion: The case is without merit. The cases will not be prosecuted.” – Shaun Kent

The full video on news report from WISTV can be seen here.