The Most Common Causes of Work-Related Injuries

The Most Common Causes of Work-Related Injuries

Unfortunately, no matter what industry you work in or what you do for a living, there is always a risk of sustaining work-related injuries.

The risk is a lot higher in some industries of course, like construction and nursing. However, we all need to be aware of the potential risks and how to act safely while at work.

If you are involved in a work-related accident, it’s also important to know what to do and who was responsible. You may be eligible for financial compensation, and you will almost certainly need to recount details of the accident.

In this article, we’re looking at the most common causes of work-related injuries. As well as how to reduce the risk of these accidents, and who may be responsible.

This data is from 2019 and was compiled by; the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) using 2019 data.

The Most Common Causes of Non-Fatal Work-Related Injuries

Here is a look at the most common causes of both fatal and non-fatal workplace injuries:

Overexertion and Bodily Reaction

The leading cause of workplace injuries has been overexertion and bodily reaction for a number of years. This category of injury accounts for around 31% of all injuries sustained at work.

Common activities that fall under this category included:

  • Lifting
  • Pulling
  • Pushing
  • Holding
  • Carrying
  • Throwing

Just about any physical activity that involves using physical effort can cause an injury. Workers commonly injure their necks and backs lifting heavy objects. Typically either by spraining or tearing a muscle, tendon, or ligament.

Many of these injuries can be avoided if adequate training is carried out and safety equipment is provided. The responsibility also lies on the worker to act sensibly when lifting or moving heavy objects.

Falls, Slips, and Trips

Slipping and falling is the second most common cause of all workplace injuries. These injuries happen most commonly on construction sites, but anyone can slip, trip, or fall at any time if they’re mobile.

Even the smallest fall can result in some soreness, bruising, or broken bones. Like most injuries, most falls are potentially avoidable. Everyone has a responsibility to ensure they’re not leaving hazards where someone could trip or fall.

There is also some responsibility on an organization to ensure workers are aware of potential hazards and how to avoid them.

Contact With Objects or Equipment

Contact With Objects or Equipment

Almost everyone comes into contact with objects or equipment in some form while performing their job.

It can happen in just about any industry or workplace. There are various large machines that employees often use in offices used to cut paper, laminate documents, package things, and so on.

Equipment can easily cause cuts, lacerations, or worse injuries. Moreover, one-way employers can reduce a lot of these types of injuries is by providing equipment training. As well as using protective guards on equipment and raising awareness of potential hazards.

Violence and Injuries Sustained by Others and Animals

Violence within the workplace and injuries sustained by animals account for approximately 8 in every 10,000 injuries.

Some occupations, such as zookeepers and animal trainers, are obviously much more at risk of sustaining an injury from an animal, as are police officers and other emergency workers who work with the public at a much higher risk of encountering violence.

For some jobs, it’s an occupational hazard. However, if another person injures someone, the blame will often be on the offender. In regards to animal injuries, training and protective equipment can reduce these injuries.

Transportation Accidents

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of work-related deaths in the U.S. Approximately 40% of all workplace deaths occur due to transportation incidents.

If you drive a vehicle or are a passenger, there is always a risk of being in a traffic accident. Many of which will be completely out of your control.

In the event of a crash, it’s important to establish why the accident happened and who was at fault. Both for the insurance companies to settle the claims and for any personal compensation claim you may file.

The ways organizations are reducing the number of vehicle accidents include; improved driver training, better vehicle maintenance, improvements in safety technology, and stricter driving guidelines.

Understanding Your Rights Under the SC Workers’ Compensation Act

If you’re injured while at work in South Carolina you may be eligible to claim compensation under the Workers’ Compensation Act.

This Act is in place to help compensate workers who have been injured while at work and suffered financial losses and physical and/or emotional damage as a result.

To help your case, when you sustain an injury, it’s important you report it to your supervisor immediately. You should also ask that your employer provides medical attention.

It’s also advisable you see your own doctor, especially if you’re not confident with the medical care your employer has provided.

Document as much about the accident and the subsequent medical attention as possible. This includes taking photos and making a note of any witnesses to the accident. You will likely need this information if you file for compensation.

The next step should be speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney in South Carolina. It’s important that you’re aware of your rights and any compensation you’re entitled to.

An attorney will help establish who is responsible for your injury. As well as any compensation you’re entitled to. More importantly, they will deal with your employer and your employer’s insurance company on your behalf.

How We Can Help

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