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Our law firm is based in Manning, South Carolina and we have years of experience representing folks throughout Clarendon County and the entire state. If you are located anywhere in Clarendon County and are facing criminal charges the legal counsel Kent Law gives could be the difference between a good and bad resolution to your case. Your case hinges on retaining the proper legal and counsel and that’s what Kent Law can give you. Our firm handles Criminal Cases as well as Personal Injury cases. We have a history of giving successful results to our clients and we pride ourselves in top-notch legal representation no matter your situation.

We have worked with numerous individuals in Manning, South Carolina and throughout Clarendon County. Shaun Kent and his team will help you overcome your situation and find a path forward. We are confident we can fight and defend your rights. We have a detailed understanding of South Carolina Law and legal procedures and we know how to use that knowledge to seek a good outcome.

How We Can Help

Shaun Kent has over 20 years of legal experience. He has taught law, been a prosecutor, assistant solicitor, and criminal defense attorney. Shaun has worked throughout South Carolina and is now based out of Manning. 

With the years and knowledge that Shaun has collected there are not many cases that he hasn’t seen.

No matter what charges you are accused of, we are here to help. Contact us and we can set up a consultation.

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Have You Been Charged With a Crime in Manning or in Clarendon County?

Contact us today if you are located in Manning or anywhere in Clarendon County. When it comes to both criminal and personal injury cases you need to have time on your side. That’s why the sooner you contact us the sooner we can begin building your case and the sooner we can begin helping you.