Defense against Embezzlement

If you have been accused or charged with an embezzlement offense it is highly recommended that you contact a criminal defense attorney with experience in these kinds of cases. Shaun Kent has over a decade of experience in South Carolina and has worked as a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. To schedule a consultation call 803-433-5368 or click below.

What is Embezzlement?

Embezzlement is a type of white collar crime that is defined as someone unlawfully taking assets that have been entrusted to them but belong to someone else. Generally speaking, embezzlement can involve money but it also may include assets, property, or other valuables. An example of someone who may be suspected or accused of embezzlement may be an employee that has access to company assets. Embezzlement cases, along with white collar crime cases, are generally very complex due to the investigations and detailed documents involved. 

Someone accused of embezzlement might be accused specifically of transferring or using assets like money, real estate, or company/employer property for personal use. This crime can be both large and small and does not necessarily have to be strictly constrained to the private sector. Public sector embezzlement might look like local, state, or federal employees or contractors being charged with unlawfully using disbursed funds from contracts or projects for personal gain. 

Punishments for embezzlement are not restrained to criminal or civil court. Monetary restitution and incarceration can be on the table depending on the charge and trial. Although white collar crimes, including embezzlement, are seen as non-violent (and they usually are) incarceration can still be a consequence.

Why work with the Kent Law Firm?

Retaining a law firm with experience in Criminal Defense and white collar crime defense is crucial to retaining a favorable outcome for yourself. A person facing embezzlement charges is at risk of jail time and substantial fines. These kinds of cases may involve a lengthy list of financial and corporate documents that are best analyzed by an experienced legal team. Like with many white collar crimes, embezzlement cases may involve long investigations. Sometimes these investigations can be carried out not only by law enforcement but also by an internal team or private firm.

For these reasons, retaining an appropriate legal team is the best course of action for someone faces these types of charges. 

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