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Dog Bites

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but that doesn’t mean all dogs are friendly all the time. Sometimes they act out and end up biting someone. When this happens, you need to know your rights. When someone else’s dog bites you, you might be able to file a legal claim. You can sue for medical expenses as a result of the bite and the trauma caused. If you were unable to return to work, you could also include lost wages. You can learn more about your rights after a dog bite by consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney. You may be entitled to receive compensation as a result of the injury, and your attorney can calculate a fair amount of damages to seek for your injuries. In South Carolina, Kent Law Firm can help you determine if you have a legitimate legal claim and will fight for the compensation you deserve.

Dog Bite Claims in South Carolina

In the state of South Carolina, dog bite claims are rarely open and shut cases. Your lawyer must prove several factors, including negligence on the part of the aggressive dog’s owner or the person responsible for the dog when the incident occurred. You will also need to show that you did not provoke the dog to bite.

South Carolina follows a strict-liability statute when it comes to dog bites. The law holds the dog’s owners responsible for any injuries sustained as a direct result of a bite or attack. The victim will not have to prove that the dog’s owners knew about or should have known about the dog’s propensity to bite. 

Proving negligence or strict liability will be at the heart of your claim, and an experienced South Carolina attorney will build a strong, fact-based case.

Compensation for Dog Bite Claims

Of the over four million dog bites reported annually, approximately 800,000 of those require medical attention. Expensive bills and physical therapy often follow emergency room visits and follow-up care.

Often, a dog owner’s homeowners’ insurance policy is responsible for paying your compensation for dog bite injuries. These policies carry on average between $100,000 and $300,000 in liability coverage. However, insurance companies will limit or exclude compensation for certain dog breeds from coverage in some instances. If the insurance company doesn’t cover the owner’s dog breed, speak with your lawyer to determine who to name in your suit.

Our legal team can review your claim and determine your next steps to ensure you receive compensation and justice for your injuries. Dealing with medical bills, other expenses, lost wages, and the pain of a dog bite injury is overwhelming. A legal expert at our law firm can help you file for compensation while allowing you to focus on healing.

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