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What to Do if You Face DUI Charges South Carolina

If you’ve been charged with a DUI Felony in Florence, SC or anywhere in South Carolina, the penalties could be life-changing. Prison, hefty fines, and losing your license are some of the consequences of a conviction.

Working with an experienced South Carolina DUI attorney is an essential thing to consider. Shaun Kent has a history of proven DUI defenses in Florence, SC. A veteran attorney like Shaun Kent knows how to pick up on errors made by law enforcement and how to defend your constitutional rights.

Call Us Today if you are facing a DUI Felony. Kent Law knows how to build a strong case in your defense. We fight to ensure minimum punishments.

Being pulled over because of suspicious driving is not a crime, follow these steps if you’re pulled over on suspicion of a DUI.

  • Pull Over, Be Polite
  • You have a right to not say anything. You must only present a license, registration, and insurance if asked.
  • Never say you’ve had a drink.
  • You do not have to take a field sobriety test.
  • Call a lawyer.

Using this advice can help strengthen your chances of a fair legal process.

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If you’re facing DUI Charges in Florence, act fast. Our team can help you build a strong defense the sooner you reach out. We strive to see you beat your charges and walk away with the minimum punishment.

The more time you give our team to work on building a defense, the higher the chance of you beating your charges. Our goal is to see you walking away with the minimum possible punishment.

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