Assault and Battery
Florence, South Carolina

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Being accused or charged with Assault and Battery in Florence, SC can come with life-changing consequences. These charges can include consequences of long prison time and large fines. A person’s reputation can also be tarnished. Fighting these charges is important and having an experienced criminal defense attorney by your side could make all the difference in your case. Shaun Kent has the necessary experience and knowledge of South Carolina laws to defend your rights and future. Shaun Kent has worked with countless residents of Florence, SC, defending them in Assault and Battery cases.

South Carolina, as do many states, has laws against unlawfully injuring or threatening another individual. In Florence, and throughout South Carolina, it is illegal to injure or threaten someone.

The state assigns different definitions to crimes that fall under the term Assault and Battery. Depending on the crime committed, the consequences can range from fines to years in prison. 

Any degree of Assault and Battery comes with serious consequences and even a misdemeanor should not be taken lightly.

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