History of Marijuana Criminalization in South Carolina

South Carolina is one of the few states which does not have either Legalized, Decriminalized, or Medicinal marijuana. However, in 2014 the state legalized high CBD/low THC extracts for medical use.

Since the 1970s Marijuana has been illegal to possess in the Palmetto State. In the 1990s and 2000s Marijuana laws started to change throughout the country. However, South Carolina voters and lawmakers have not changed much when it comes to the criminal code and this illicit substance. Although a first-time simple possession offense is a misdemeanor, it can still result in fines and jail. 

Marijuana is classified as a Schedule 1 Dangerous Controlled Substance. This means that the state’s authorities consider it a substance with a high likelihood of abuse and little-to-no medicinal value.

Being charged with possession with intent to distribute, or worse, with drug trafficking or cultivation is serious. These are some of the worst crimes a person can be convicted of. 

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