Unlawful Conduct Toward A Child

Don’t Face Child Abuse Criminal Charges Alone

Unlawful Conduct Toward a Child is a criminal charge that often receive media attention. Such intense media attention usually results in a skewed public perception of the accused. Regardless of the defendant’s reputation or past criminal record, this type of charge is seen as extremely serious by both the prosecution and the public. 

The South Carolina Code 63-5-70 outlines one of the primary laws that address physical child abuse or neglect. This offense is considered a felony and can result in a maximum of ten years of imprisonment in the South Carolina Department of Corrections. To secure a conviction, the state must demonstrate several key elements. Firstly, they must establish that the accused individual is a parent, legal guardian, or has a legal responsibility towards the child’s well-being. It’s important to note that not everyone who interacts with a child meets this criterion.


This is a felony charge in the state of South Carolina. South Carolina’s laws allow for potential jail time of up to 10 years for this crime. Being convicted of this offense comes with other life-altering consequences as well. 

There is the potential for a criminal record to seriously impact a person’s future. This includes detrimental effects towards their chances at employment, education, and housing. 

Potential Defenses Against Unlawful Conduct Toward A Child

When facing charges of Unlawful Conduct, there are some defenses that can be used. Being arrested for this but lacking a legal relationship that would justify the charge can be an option if applicable. 

If the alleged conduct may not have posed a real threat to the child’s well-being, then the defense can argue for the charges to be dropped or diminished.

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